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LavkaLavka was one of the “farm-to-table” pioneers in Moscow. All ingredients used are seasonal and supplied by local farmers, named on the menu. While the menu rotates often, the dishes are based on one concept: creative interpretations of traditional Russian dishes. The mainstays include borscht, the famous Russian cabbage soup with beef and its vegetarian brother, shchi. Buckwheat is also big in Russia. Try it in the restaurant’s mushroom soup or made into a semblance of risotto with duck confit and lingonberry jam. Then wash it all down with polugar — fancy homemade vodka.

BTW: Apart from the restaurant, LavkaLavka also owns a supermarket chain. Opt for the homemade pickles, which taste just like a Russian grandmother’s, or cheddar cheese made at a farm in Siberia.

LavkaLavka, Petrovka Ulitsa, 21, стр. 1, Moscow, 107031, Russia