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Evgeny Roshal

Roshal Evgeny is a supplier of geese, delicacies from meat, a turkey, rabbit flesh, chicken, a duck, guinea fowls and eggs.

Evgeny Roshal together with his and his friends’ families organized small what eco-farm “Kuban Hutorok” to grow up environmentally friendly products which quality can be trusted and which are not dangerous for using by children and adults.

The slogan of “The Kuban hutork” – the products which are grown for yourself.

The eco- farm is located in Slovianskiy region of Krasnodar Krai, far from the plants, factories and roads. The bird on a farm “The Kuban hutorok” is grown by way of extracellular contents with free walking in the open territory. Wide rooms where animals live, loads of the sun and fresh air promote healthy growth. The bird is fed only by forage that is grown on the nearby fields: wheat, corn, rice chaff, barley.