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Ivan Novichikhin

Ivan began his farmer project in 2008. When he told his relatives about his farm goals for the first time, they only gave a screw-loose sign. And now, despite of their doubts, he has become a kind of local celebrity.

From the beginning, Ivan applied the principles of biodynamics . He had begun with the Clean Food project in the village Moldavanskaya and then in 2013 moved to his own land in the village Nizhnebakanskaya.

Ivan’s garlic grows near cucumbers. Cucumbers grow near his garlic. It’s all about permaculture principles in action.
If on this field the Colorado beetle tries to eat potato, then the special tick eats it in return . A tick – the assistant and the biofarmer’s ally!

Ivan Novichikhin delivers/distributes to LavkaLavka vegetables that are grown according to principles of biodynamics.